Talk to a doctor by phone or video, from anywhere in the world

For full terms & conditions of this service please visit TripDoctor by clicking here.

In partnership with TripDoctor, we are able to offer access to their Medical Consultation Service. Access to this service is free to our Platinum members and is offered at a discounted rate to our Gold, Silver and Bronze members.

During your trip, you and anyone named on your policy and travelling with you can get telephone and video access to a fully qualified English speaking family UK doctor/GP (General Practitioner), and online face to face video access (at reduced times). This service is available any time day or night so you can easily contact a qualified and experienced doctor should you need medical advice while travelling.

How it works

If you or another traveller on your policy becomes ill while you are travelling abroad, it can be difficult to get to see a doctor quickly who speaks your language without having to wait until the next morning or spending a long time in a waiting room or travelling a long way.

The TripDoctor Medical Consultation Service gives you access on a one-to-one basis to a UK doctor by phone or video wherever you are in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can discuss symptoms and diagnosis at the earliest opportunity without needing to wait for an appointment with a local English speaking pharmacist or doctor.

A specially trained operator will answer your call. The operator will take some details from you and arrange for a Doctor to call you back at a convenient time for you. Should the Doctor think it advisable, with your agreement they can send a record of your consultation to your own GP in order to keep him/her informed.

Your entitlement to access this Service will be clearly shown on your Certificate of Insurance. You have membership for the duration of your trip up to a maximum period of 31 days from the date that your trip begins. Your access to the service automatically ends as soon as your trip has ended and you have returned to the UK.

What can the Doctor do?

The large team of Doctors allows unlimited, convenient telephone consultations, accessed via trained dedicated operators in conjunction with specialist software and appropriate medical protocols.

The consultations conducted by the Doctors cover the full range of subjects seen in general practice and include advice on chronic disease management, minor illness, acute presentation of serious clinical conditions and general questions about prescriptions, travel and lifestyle. The practising Doctor is the accepted authority on healthcare and is uniquely qualified and insured to provide diagnosis and advice.

Based on your consultation the Doctor may still recommend that you seek local medical treatment or consultation. If you think your medical costs might be moe than £500 you must contact the emergency medical team using the telephone number on your Certificate of Travel Insurance.

How to access the Doctor Service

Please refer to your TripDoctor Certificate for the contact number

Serious medical emergency
This is not an emergency service.

In the event of an emergency, you should immediately call the local emergency services, especially in a critical or life-threatening situation. Call 999 immediately if in the UK, 112 in Europe and 911 in North America.


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